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Tourist Attractions

Sea Caves

Distance from Vieste: 1,5km, about 30 min

There are many sea caves in the stretch of coast between Vieste and Mattinata with strange names and forms, the caves of the Gargano offer a truly unique show. Between a cave and another open fascinating scenarios; legendary stacks, fantastic natural arches, towering cliffs and beautiful bays.

To discover these treasures, every day from the port of Vieste depart motorboats that take visitors along this southern coast of the Gargano

Tremiti Isalnds

Distance from Vieste: 10 miles, 2 hours 30 min

Located about 10 nautical miles from the coast of Gargano, Tremiti Islands are called “the pearl of the Adriatic” for their beauty. These include five islands: San Domino and San Nicola, the only inhabited, and the smaller Caprara, Cretaccio and Pianosa.

The entire archipelago, today Marine Reserve, is a wonderful show of caves, cliffs, coves and bays, all surrounded by thick and lush green vegetation. Visiting them is easy thanks to the boats that depart daily from the port of Vieste.


Distance from Vieste: 0,7km, about 2 min

Symbol of Vieste, 25 meters high, stands towering white and impressive beginning on the beach of the castle, next to a cliff overlooking the sea. According to legend, a young Pizzomunno is turned to stone by the jealousy of the mermaids that prevented the realization of this love affair with Cristalda. South of the town of Vieste is one of the most fascinating landscapes of the Adriatic coast.

Vignanotica Bay

Distance from Vieste: 27 km, about 40 min

Between Vieste and Mattinata lies a beautiful beach of sand mixed with gravel and pebbles, famous for its white, high cliffs, surrounded by nature amongst charming sea caves and reefs teeming with fish. A half-hour drive from Vieste along the provincial road towards Mattinata is accessed via a path lined with Mediterranean pines.