a weekend in Vieste on the Gargano totally surrounded by the sea and pampered by its breeze


Gargano has a variety of beaches on all sides of the country; high and rocky with crystal clear waters that boast precious shades of emerald green, or low and sandy with clear waters reminiscent of the sea of Greece or the distant Caribbean. Do not miss the experience to visit them all.

There are boat trips that allow you to admire the coastline from Isola del Varano to Mattinata stopping off at various suggestive bays and coves. It’s hard to make a choice from the most beautiful beaches of the Gargano. We selected one of the most significant of the Gargano, the bay of Moline which is approximately 3km from Vieste and 21 from Peschici locations. It is accessible from the coast road that connects Vieste to Peschici. Being a sandy beach, the bottom is covered with golden sand lowering slowly into the deep. The waters are crystal clear even during cloudy days and it’s perfect for children, (even very small) the elderly, the disabled, large groups, families and lovers of sandy and shallow. The beach is divided in two parts: the first is the so-called “free zone” that does not have service, reserved for guests who wish to enjoy the beach in full freedom, while the second with its 4 shores includes the Lido Stella Marina Beach appreciated for the wide spaces between the umbrellas, order and comfort, equipped with bathroom, cafeteria, showers and snack bar, all available for use by the guests of the free zone beaches.