to the naturalistic destinations and uncontaminated territories of the Gargano

Destination Nature

Foresta Umbra

Distance from Vieste: 30 km, about 30 min

In the central east of the Gargano National Park, about 800 meters above sea level, lies the ancient Umbrian Forest, one of the most beautiful forests in Europe.

Considered the green lung of the Gargano it is populated by foxes, deer, hares and many species of birds, a real natural heritage area with dense forests of birch trees, oaks and pines. Do not miss the lake, the reserve deer, the antique carbon facility and lastly, the Forest Museum. A half hour drive from Vieste - a must for nature lovers

The Necropolis Salata

Distance to Vieste: 8,0km, about 15 min

Located in an area of 6000 square meters, called Oasi, La Salata, with a small stream running through it is an early Christian burial complex, consisting of over 300 rock-cut tombs dating to the third-fourth century A.D. It is assumed to be the cemetery of the Roman villa of Merino, an ancient farm.

Popular destination for historians, tourists and archeology lovers, only 8km from the center of Vieste.

Lake Varano

Distance from Vieste: 52km, about 1 hour

The largest lake in southern Italy (60.5 km), separated from the sea and by a strip of land 10 km long is covered by a dense forest. Famous for eel fishing, along the east coast you can admire a wonderful and ancient wooden crucifix on the adjacent side of the Church of SS. Crucifix. This beautiful wooden crucifix dates back to 1300 and is object of deep devotion for all the inhabitants of the countries surrounding the lake.

Along highway 89 and going to Peschici and Rodi Garganico is less than an hour’s drive from Vieste.

Lake Lesina

Distance from Vieste: 86km, about 1 hour 30 min

Among the Tavoliere and the Gargano Promontory is the second largest lake in southern Italy with an area of 51.5 km. along its shores were found remains of Bronze age, Iron age and Neolithic huts.

From the eastern part of the lake is the Natural reserve of Lake Lesina, established as a protected area for animal restocking. It is located about 85km from Vieste and can be reached along the Highway 89.