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Swabian Castel at Vieste

Distance from Vieste: 0.5km, about 4 min

Dating back to the eleventh century and standing out from the surrounding landscape with his imposing figure stands the Castello Svevo. A triangular shape in the past was used as an important weapons deposit and a precious hiding place for the soldiers. It suffered damage during the struggle between the papacy Frederic II, and it was Frederic II who restored and expanded it around 1240.

Strategically located in the highest part of Vieste, dominating the whole Gargano promontory, remains one of the most visited historical sites.

Sanctuary of Saint Maria of Merino

Distance from Vieste: 9km, about 10 min

A fine example of a Cave church of the Apulia and an enormous symbolic value for the Viestani. Built in sec. XI-XII on the remains of a Roman villa, here once existed the ancient city of Merinum. The disappearance of the city, which took place in the Middle Ages, has remained surrounded in mystery.

The tradition of building the chapel is linked to the discovery of a nearby beach with a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary only 9km from the center of Vieste is a site of pilgrimage for many believers.