from city life a Gargano holiday will get you back into perfect shape mentally and physically.


There will be professionals in the field ready to meet every need of the visitor, both individually and as a group, from young to old.


Every day at the port of Vieste as well as some bays and beaches you can embark and visit the fascinating sea caves. During the tour you will be dazzled by an unforgettable scene, from high cliffs overlooking the sea and lush vegetation that descends on to the overhanging aspire water. All the caves were baptized with names based on their particularities, to name a few: Cave Sfondata, Grotta Campana, Bat Cave, the Cave of Violets and many others. There are boats operated by industry experts who can accompany you for a tour of these caves. As an alternative you can rent a boat at one of the piers in the area. This hike can be done in the morning and in the afternoon and takes about 3 hours. For those who want to devote the entire day to boat trips we recommend a trip to the Tremiti Islands, boats depart from the port of Vieste, Peschici, Mattinata and Rodi Garganico.


Certainly for those who choose a seaside destination you can’t miss the experience and thrill of flying over the sea, windsurfing and kite surfing are definitely the sports that will allow you to feel this emotion. Thanks to the favorable exposure to the winds the Gargano is an ideal destination for windsurfers. Several beaches are equipped with schools and experts for those interested in lessons.


In recent years it is developing more equestrian type tourism. Gargano is ideal for this type of activity because it has an unspoiled countryside and rich panorama. Some farms on our territory organize riding holidays. The programs available to guests offer a wide range of possibilities for beginners and experts. From lessons in horse riding to the possibility to spend a couple of hours or even an entire day in any place accessible from the sea to the majestic Foresta Umbra.


The Gargano is not just sun, sea, nature and fun. Its territory encompasses a religious tourism suitable not only for the elderly. The most important religious point of the Gargano is San Giovanni Rotondo, with monuments and all the places and stories connected with the life of Padre Pio. Millions of tourists from all over the world come every year in the sacred city to be present at major prayer and worship activities. Another destination for religious tourism on the Gargano is Monte Sant’Angelo known for its famous Sanctuary of Saint Michael.